mercredi 11 février 2009

This is How Issue n°5: This is how I Current Elliott my pair of jeans ^^

I love Current Eliott and feel very inspired by this brand.
Unfortunately I can't afford Current Eliott.
I found an old pair of jeans in the back of my closet,
an old tee and that's what I get with them...

Current Elliott, 2008, the elephant bell:
the elephant bell2

Current Elliott, 2008, the navy:
the navy

Current Elliott, 2008, the mini pocket:
the mini pocket

Marleena Current Elliott ^^
current eliott1
current eliott2
current eliott3
current eliott4
current eliott6

Jeans Current Elliott Like, Pimkie
Jacket by H&M
Stars Printed Tee Pimkie
White Converses
Necklaces, chains and bracelets, vintage, Pimkie, MoA...

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