mardi 26 juillet 2011

Alexander McQueen Study Trip - May 2011 [Part I]


When I arrived in New York it was 2 o'clock in the afternoon.
I shared a taxi with a French girl from JFK to Manhattan.
(It costs $45 and takes around 30-40 min to reach the isle and let you discover the city.
Bus is $15/person but takes around an hour, it also has only two stops:
Grand Central and Penn Station. You can also take the air train, which cost $5 in JFK,
then ~ $2,50 to reach Penn Station (which is a few blocks down Times Square).

The taxi dropped us at her adress, and as I was waiting for my friend coming from
Montreal by train (crazy!!), I had some time above me and decided to go to the hostel on my own with my suitcase. That was a crazy idea, because the hostel was in southern spanish Harlem and the taxi dropped us around western Central Park, around Ross Geller's museum
(Museum of Natural History is actually a proper name).
So I crossed Central Park, then walked up the Museum Mile on 5th avenue,
and three hours later, with a lot of stops taking photos and, pain in my hands and my back I finally reached Central Park Studios Hostel.
Keep this adress in mind, because the dormitories are not expensive
(a 4 beds room is around 20 euros/night!!) and is two blocks away from the Lexington av. subway. Not the right adress to go as a couple and I don't know if they've got double bed rooms,
but okay to go with some friends for like, nothing! Plus: there is a cheap supermarket around
so you can cook, which is difficult to find downtown. The staff might seem rude, but they are actually really nice and helpful.


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