lundi 25 juillet 2011

Alexander McQueen Study Trip - May 2011 [Introduction]

As I was writing my MA thesis about Alexander McQueen,
I went in New York in May to see the Savage Beauty exhibition in the Met.
There were 100 dresses, outfits and accessories displayed in a very beautiful setting,
built and organised by Alexander McQueen's very own team.
Thanks to the work of curators Andrew Bolton and Harold Koda
-and their team, Shannon Bell Price ;) -, I was able to
learn some more things about the english artist.
Seeing the fabrics and outfits from past collections,
(jellyfish shoes from SS 2010 Plato's Atlantis, or designs from
FW 2008 The Girl Who Lived in the Tree)
was a very unique experience that I recommend to you all.

You won't see any pictures from the exhibition here, I'm sorry,
because I was not allowed to shoot some. If you're in New York at the moment,
take a moment to visit the exhibition, it really worths it!
If my thesis had been published already I'd advise you to buy it (haha!) so you could
get more information about Alexander McQueen and his world.
Though, I got a really good grade, just as last year with my thesis about graffiti art.
I'll enter a phd program soon, so I can become a doctor in anglosaxon studies,
specialized in fashion history.


I stayed in New York for a week, avoiding touristic sites that I visited last year.
Some Coney Island, Greenwhich and Brooklyn are coming soon.

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