jeudi 18 février 2010

In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes. (Andy Warhol)

You might have heard about Benetton's Global Casting Competition:

For its new campaign, Benetton is looking for 20 people around the world.
You can be tall, little, thin, fat, black, yellow, white, ginger or brunette,
who cares?
Benetton is looking for natural, true beauty.

If you are fed up to see plastic pretty faces in the magazines,
then you can register by clicking on the link above.
If you don't have the balls to do it, you still can vote for me


Tell me if you registered, so we can support each other.

5 commentaires:

Bunny a dit…

yeah I've heard about that casting! my sister plans to be a model so she added herself. I really like benetton because evryone can be a model!

What the L a dit…

I love the idea of this casting !
Good luck to you, I hope they'll pick you ;)

laurine a dit…

j'adore ton noeud !

rony035 a dit…

slt ça va? Je te laisse un com pour te dire que j'ai écris un article où je parle de mes blogs favoris! Et je parle du tien alors si ça te dit rendez vous sur mon blog pour lire l'article ;)!

Dounia ddw a dit…

j'ai vu que t'es fan de bijoux chez punky-B , un bijou acidulé est à gagner sur mon blog ^^