samedi 13 novembre 2010

London calling to the zombies of death

I was in London during Halloween,
to do some research about Alexander McQueen
(I'm currently writing my Master 2 thesis about him)

I also went to Bath, to visit the Fashion Museum there.
I'll upload photos next time.

Right now, you can enjoy pictures of
my Halloween day and night in Camden Town.
Camden Town is my favourite place in London.
Hum, right, I should say
that it is my favourite place in the whole world.
I love Camden because you can be yourself up there.
Hippies, punks and goths mix their style.
People accept each other and don't care about differences.

When in Camden, just be yourself.

camden high

dr martens

evil from the needle

camden plane


devil kfc

orange juice

camden st


dark angel



rock rule

iron fist shoes


leopard converses

devil ears




1 commentaire:

xuzia a dit…

aah, Camden Town ! Ca a été une révélation quand je m'y suis perdue, je ne voulais plus en repartir ! XD

Au fait, j'y pense, je pourrais te redemander le nom de ton reflex ?