lundi 7 juin 2010

I want your horror, I want your design

Hi there.
I haven't been blogging for a while because I had a lot to do at university
but holidays are almost here so I'm back (how long? I don't know ^^)

Here are some pictures I shot during my rare free time.

Hope you enjoy them, even if some of them can shock.
I explain in notes what they are about. I hope you'll be tolerant,
but I'll accept all sorts of critics. Just remind that some pics are just about art.

Seen in St Paul de Vence
(a charming little village of Southern French Riviera.
Many artists and wealthy people live there, there are lots of galleries
I just love this place!)


Seen in the harbour of Cros de Cagnes
(nearby my hometown, not a lot to do there except seeing
old fishers' boats, but the "promenade"
by the sea is really nice at the end of the afternoon).


Seen in Le MAMAC of Nice
(the Museum of Art of Nice showed an exhibition
of Wim Delvoye. He tatooed pigs and stuffed them.
A lot of them had old school tatoos. I loved the exhibition
but I'm aware that a lot of people didn't agree and created
polemics. I just think it's art, but if we had to talk about that
it could last forever.)

My favourite one, love its smile! Pig by Wim Delvoye.

I love the colors together. Tatoos on a pig, Art by Wim Delvoye.

Jouy motifs, tatooed on a pig. Art by Wim Delvoye

Bambi grew up. Sculpture by Wim Delvoye

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