jeudi 14 janvier 2010

Where the wild things are...

I think I'm going to keep on this blog in english.
A way to protect myself, I think.


Last December, I've seen Where the Wild Things Are by Spike Jones.
Nobody around me remembered the book by Maurice Sendak except me.
What can I say?
If I could go back to my 13 years old, I think Max would be my friend.
He is the wild thing actually.
And I loved him in his wolf-like pyjamas and converses, and his crown!
The movie was shot in Australia and the settings were wonderful!
If you want to know more about the movie,
you should read Jalouse Magazine n°126, December 2009.

Now you can enjoy me as Max, but unfortunately,
I wasn't able to find a cheap faux-fur hoodie coat.


Fenchurch sweater
Agatha stud bracelet

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From what I understand you will keep the blog in English, so better for me, the photo with the crown was beautiful,
kisses and good weekend a dit…

J'adore la finition tressée sur la manche de ton sweat!