mardi 2 décembre 2008


I was blond haired before.
Like, tall, blond-haired, californian-like.
With flowers in my hair.

I'm brown haired now.
Like, tall, brown haired, not so musch californian-like.
With no flowers in my hair.
I have to wait for Spring time.
For the flowers to blossom again.

I write some s*** sometimes, but don't blame me for it.


Robe Jacqueline Riu
Bottes Bessone
Collants Chesterfield

6 commentaires:

Brian Christopher a dit…

The picture sittng on the steps is great !

Alejandro a dit…

no matter blonde or brunette
you´ll always look great!

JackieRose a dit…

c vrai peu importe la couleur tu es toujours bien et ton style est vraiment change des autres blogs c'est vraiment super de te lire :)


Dragigi a dit…

Bonjour !
Je n'arrive pas à te contacter par mail, alors me voilà par commentaire.
Je souhaite créer un blog fashion, le tien m'a beaucoup plu.
Comment as-tu fait sur blogger pour mettre ton fond d'écran personnalisé?
je n'arrive pas à modifier le modèle choisi par défaut dans la base de google.
Merci pour ton aide !

Anonyme a dit…

sorry to disappoint, but i've lived in California for 6 years, always close to the beach, and you are far too posh and elegant still to be mistaken for a CA girl...

maybe NY girl instead?

Marleena Hills a dit…

Dear Anonymous,
Thinking I might be mistaken with a NYC girl is such a compliment!
I'm going to NYC in March, so I'll see if it's the case (but I don't think so haha!)
I said I was californian-like because my natural hair color is blond, and when summer comes, I dress up like a surfer girl... so maybe not californian, but aussie-like maybe (I'm going to live in Australia next year :)
thanks for your message though ^^